Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

This range of Pulse Jet Dust Collectors is designed to filter particulate using conventional felted media or pleated type cartridges in any industry which requires removal of particulate or fumes.

These filters are accepted as the standard in this industry, with collection efficiencies in excess of 99.9%.

Temperatures of up to 260 deg C are standard.

Design incorporates top inlet and impact plate for achieving low operating pressure drop. CAS Enterprises can design a system to meet requirements, or consult for existing systems and testing.


  • Stainless steel food grade or carbon steel are standard in various sizes of round or square
  • Insulation is installed if process air is humid
  • Easy cleaning is achieved by quick release clamp on man access doors


  • Explosion vents
  • Explosion detection or prevention
  • Dust emission sensors
  • Dust discharge valves - rotary or flap

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